Sunday, May 19, 2013

Your regularly scheduled blog will be back 5/27/13 - or thereabouts :-)

Hello all!

Sooo ... I clearly overestimated my ability to work part time, drive around in the heat in a car with out AC, and the ramping up of school activities for the end of the year.

When I get home now I park it one the couch, take off most of my clothes (well - I leave on enough so that my daughter does not say 'eeeewwwww MOOOOOMMMMM') and prop my feet up and bask in the refreshing air conditioning.  These days, I usually get to bed after I finish shoveling dinner down my gullet.  So the computer and I have not gotten together in the past bit.

Forgive me for neglecting you - it is not my intention - I just need to power through this last busy week and then I will be back to my somewhat regular schedule.  Since my lovely girl will then be on summer vacation, most of my days will once again be spent at home.

As the title says - I am not perfect! So please bear with me. :-)  Thanks *so* much.

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  1. Who can blame you for taking a short break with all that you're doing? Just driving around in the heat with the AC is enough to sap all the energy out of you.

    So, relax a little, wind down a little, rest the brain a little, enjoy a little wine and I'll be back later to check out another post.

  2. Replies
    1. Aww .. thank you!! I seriously need to get over to your blog and do a little stalking .. I always enjoy reading your posts. :-)