Thursday, May 2, 2013

Get a picture mug for mom - for FREE {Sponsored Post}

FREE 11 Ounce Tea Mug

What a *great* deal - a free mug.  I have a pretty large collection of mugs, but I think I might have to make room for another one - since I am going to tell my hubby he needs to take advantage of this deal! :-)  I just might have to get one for Nana - or maybe Mimima would be better --- then there is always grandma!  Decisions Decisions!  Or - if you are an artist, what a great way to display your work!  I love it when they have these kinds of deals out.

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  1. this is an awesome deal!! thank you so much for sharing! this will make a great gift for the grandmas this mothers day!!

  2. What a cool opportunity. Thanks for sharing.

  3. New follower from the TGIF blog hop!