Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pinsday Wednesday: Top 5 Gift Ideas

It has been a couple of weeks since I first did this - and the plan was to do it weekly.  Unfortunately seasonal allergies and family visiting put a damper in that plan - but I will try my best to get this posted on Wednesday from now on :-)

Originally I planned to pick from what I pinned that week - but I found it is just a pain in the booty for me to figure out what I pinned.  So - instead I will focus on one of my boards each week - giving you some of my favorites from that board.  Below will be a link to my pin and to the original website if available.

Today's Top 5 Pins come from my 'Gift Ideas' board, mostly DIY items  Some of them are seasonal, where some may be geared toward Back-to-School.  I love the idea of giving a teacher a present when the kids go back to school, and now is the time to start looking for ideas, deals, and coming up with a plan.


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