Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Blog Hops


  1. Do you take family vacations?  We are more of a Day Trip kind of family, but we do like to get up to my mother's cabin in the NC mountains when we get a chance.
  2. Did you take family vacations as a kid? To Grandma's :-)  She was 3 states away, and it was always an adventure - so to us, that was a vacation :-D
  3. If so, what is the one you remember the most?  When I was 6, it was Christmas, it snowed (which doesn't happen often in Charleston, SC) and I got in trouble for wearing my brand new corduroys to play in the snow :-)
  4. What is your dream vacation, as a family, a couple or even alone?  I have two - a cruise - I would love to go on a cruise either with my family or with my my husband.  The second is a trip to Autralia and New Zealand - I would love to take at least 2 weeks to explore both countries.
  5. What is your preferred method of traveling? Ex. flying, driving, taking a train, a cruise?  While flying is quicker - I do love the drive if it is 8 hours or less away..
  6. Have you already made vacations planned for this summer, or are you planning a "staycation"?  If we can get it in the budget, we are trying to get to Atlanta for the zoo and the aquarium.

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