Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Blog Hops


Questions from MHO Monday Mingle

  1. Do you have a favorite food? One you just can't imagine living without?  Chips!  I just love chips!  I don't buy chips often anymore because I can down a bag of Lays potato chips with Helluva Onion Dip in one night!  So I have had to make it a monthly treat at most. :-)
  2. Do you prefer homemade or do you eat out a lot? I prefer going out, but I love homemade.  I guess it is better said that I would prefer to have the option - but I don't.  We are a single income family, and I cook because it is economical - I don't hate it - I really like baking - but I would like to have the option more often :-)
  3. Is food comforting to you? Some food is, particulary anything with gravy on it.  Hey! I am a southern girl ... at least I didn't say fried ;-)  Although that works too.
  4. Do you have foods that you absolutely cannot stand that your significant other loves? Do you make it even if you hate it, or do you just force them to go without?  Hmm ... no, not really.  He likes fish more than I do - but I don't mind it.  Neither one of us know how to cook fish well anyway, so that is something he gets the few times we are out.  
  5. What's your go to food when you are just too tired to mess with anything else?  If I absolutely do not want to cook I go to campbells tomato soup with grilled cheese.  If I want to give my family something a little more substantial than that I go with a chicken casserole with rice.  I generally have all the ingredients on hand and I can just dump it all in a dish and throw it in the oven and we are done!


  1. Chips with Chili Con Carne dip is for me. Yum! Especially with LOTR marathon.

    1. Oooohh.. LoTR marathong... you bring your dip, I will bring mine - and we will make it a date!