Monday, April 1, 2013

Holy Bursting Inbox Batman!!

Holy Bursting Inbox Batman!
Mail Box by Vera Kratochvil
I have never been anal retentive about my email - or even my paper mail for that matter - but wow, it is out of control!  At its worst I was looking at over 7k unread posts in my inbox, right now it isn't quite that bad.

Yeah - that is Seven THOUSAND.  My husband doesn't get it - he deletes everything as soon as he gets it (sometimes after he forwards it to me).  Of course he gets about 20 or so email in a day ... I get a little more.  Am I more popular?  Umm... no, not really.  I just - well - DO more stuff on line.

Let's see - I get email from the blogs I follow, mail from people I know - on line and off.  Mail from my guild, and their forums (which I haven't been to nearly enough lately).  Mail from stores and brands (I like coupons, so sue me!), my bills are sent via e-mail (and my husband forwards me the bills he gets), I get recipes sent to me via mail, and then there are all of the other things I am a member of that send me at least a daily if not more.

I want this mail - I have asked for this mail - but I am thinking I need to decrease this mail!   Time to schedule a day to just sit down and start un-subbing from stuff I simply don't use anymore. - I would hate to miss something important because it was lost in a sea of e-mail I like, but don't need.

I did see the commercial for and found their way of dealing with inbox management intriguing.  Say your inbox gets like mine - and you know you just don't have time peruse all those recipes from or you can choose just one and delete all mail in your inbox from that user!  I was so intrigued by it, that I even set up an email over there and am trying it out for a bit.  I am also kind of hoping that will pick it up so I don't need to switch anything.  Until think I think I am just going to have to schedule a 'mail management' day until I get it all under control.

What do you do to manage your incoming mail?  Know of any tricks?


  1. For me it get overwhelming because the same emails must be deleted from my mobile phone, iPad, laptap at home and at work - DELETE DELETE DELETE until my fingers hurt! Blog Hopping from Meg's house.

    1. LOL - Oh my goodness - that would drive me nuts! I only recently started downloading to my computer - when I do that it takes what ever is downloaded off of the server - so at least I don't have this overwhelming in box on my phone! Whew! With how bad I am about it (see I am still avoiding it! I did some - but still so much more to do) I think all those boxes getting that full would drive me insane! LOL

  2. i don't guess i would call it a "trick", maybe more of an (OCD!) disorder!
    i hate the little red push notifications on my phone, so i go through mine several times a week, usually daily.

    stopping by from monday mingle. happy monday! :)

    1. Pass some of the OCD my way!!! Actually I have it, just not about papers and in box ... but mess up my kitchen!! There is hell to pay! :-D But you are right, if I tackle it a little bit at a time it will get done. I just need to make sure I am getting rid of more than is coming in! :-D