Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Box Tops - Purchasing to Support Your Schools

Do you get the messages from your PTA (or PTO as it is known here) asking you to start clipping your box tops in order to support your school?

For each box top donated, the school will receive $0.10.  Doesn't sound like much does it?  I will tell you first hand it really adds up.  This year I started volunteering with the group that organizes and sends the box tops our for my daughter's elementary school.  We spend around 4 hours once a month sitting around a table chatting, eating snacks and trimming box top parents have generously donated so that we can send them in for the least amount of postage possible.

I am very fortunate to be a part of an active PTA school, with a president that really drives getting these turned in.  She has turned it into a monthly contest for the kids, and the class that turns in the most box tops by the end of the month gets to participate in a 'Popsicle Party' at the beginning of the following month.  (Popsicles have been generously donated by our local Publix)  There is a large chart in the lunch room showing where each class is for the year - and the kids love to see where there class is at on the board.

So what does all of this effort equate to for our kids?  Last year we raised around $5000 for the school through these efforts.  Yes, it makes that much of a difference!  Now the organization makes it even easier by telling you of new ways to earn box tops through their e-mail newsletter.  Just click This Link or the banner above to join and start earning much needed money for your child's school.

Disclosure:  I receive a small compensation if you choose to join after click one of the links in this message.


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