Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why all the blog name changes?

tyra banks
From Tyra Banks' Twitter Feed

I started this blog with the intentions of writing self-directed articles about my interests.  I was having difficulty thinking of a unique name to showcase what I am about.

Finally, when I was writing the piece about my daughter I realized, "Hey!  I want to strive to be an imperfectionist!"  So I thought I found the perfect blog names and URL, unfortunately - the URL was already taken, so I had to go through a series of names before I cam up with what is now the title of my blog.

Why imperfect?  Tyra Banks says it best, "Perfect is boring."  Perfectionism has plagued me my whole life, and I see it in my daughter as well; but then I realized, what I truly love about my life and everything around me are those imperfections.  The little flaws that make each of us our own unique person.  Do I still struggle with perfectionism?  Sure!  But I try to not let it hold me back as it has done in the past.

.... and out of those thoughts, came my blog name.  I apologize for any confusion - but I will be sticking with this for a while.


  1. I like that quote! Well I don't know what your blog name was before but I really like the blog name. Thanks for linking up at the Thumping Thursday's blog hop and following me. Following you back via GFC.

    Jackie @ <a href=" Non-Martha Momma</a>

  2. As I like the Non-Martha Momma :-) That is so me too!! As far as my previous names, they were M. Miller and Melanie: Content Queen ... I needed something much catchier than that! hehe. And thanks so much for following me back! I appreciate it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I love your blog name and the quote. I will be adding a reply to your comment on my blog in a little while. I was already following you with GFC and bloglovin, I just added G+ to the mix and will look for any other ways you have here. I hope you and your family have a great weekend!

    Lor K

    1. Thank you again for the visit, Lor. It is always a pleasure. We did have a wonderful weekend. I hope your Easter was fabulous :-D