Sunday, March 10, 2013

What are these 'match ups' that extreme couponers talk about?

When I first started couponing, which I am not ashamed to admit came because of the first time I watched Extreme Couponing, I had no clue what exactly a 'match up' was.

I remember watching the show with Nathan Engles, (also one of the people behind and he kept saying how he goes on line to find these match ups.  So I did a search, and I still wasn't clear what he was talking about.

But - I figured it out - I did, I did! :-D  There are several sites out there that will create a list of what is on sale at a given store, then they will find the coupons that match the sale items.  Usually they will also use some sort of indicator showing what they think is a 'stock up' deal (i.e. buy these in bulk).  The people that do this are simply amazing and I can't even begin to tell you how much they are saving me time and money!

So - what is my point about going on and on about this?  To let you know what sites these are!  I have done a lot of research, and have found what I think are some of the best sites for coupon match ups.

First, I will go over the ones that match up more than one store.  There are three web sites that I go to before I shop every week.  I personally shop at Kroger, Publix, Walgreens and CVS, and they have match ups for these stores, plus several more.

Southern Savers:  This is the first site I go to.  Jenny, the operator of this site, has a nifty 'create a list' kind of application on her site.  As you look through the deals, you can check off the ones you plan on purchasing.  She covers stores that are found more often in the southeastern region of the US.  Jenny also posts several other deals on her web site, but she makes getting to the match ups very easy.  Just under her header you will see 'Grocery Store Deals' and tabs for different grocery stores.  Click on those tabs and you will see all of her posts related specifically to the chosen store.  Let's take Publix for example.  When you click on that tab you will find posts about a bakeware deal, the yellow advantage flyer match up (if you are a Publix shopper, then you should be aware of the Green flyer and the Yellow flyer they produce, with in store coupons, every couple of weeks) and so on until you see a post labeled 'Publix Ad & Coupons' this is your match up.  The deals Jenny decides are the best she will indicate with an acorn used like a bullet.  You will find the drug store match ups to the right of the grocery stores.

Krazy Coupon Lady:  You might recognize one of the operators of this site as Joanie from the first season of Extreme Couponing.  On this site you will find a 'Find My Store' button just under the main blue navigation bar.  Hover over this and you will get a drop down menu of several stores (including Drug Stores and Super Centers)  Once you choose the store, you will find a listing of posts similar to what you will find on Southern Savers.  So you may be thinking - Why waste my time going to more than one site?  Because - different people find different deals.  Yes, you will find that there are a lot of similar deals, but you will also find some gems that another site didn't find.  Now, this site also has an indicator when something is worth stocking up on, but they take it a step further.  As you go through the list you will see little pyramids, one has only 3 parts of the pyramid, and the others will have 6.  When you see the icon with the 3 part pyramid, this means stock up, but don't  go nuts, there will be a better deal later.  (i.e. get 2-3 months worth) When you see the 6 part pyramid, that means 'Go nuts' because this is a rock bottom price on this item, and you won't see it again for a while (keep in mind you WILL see it again - so don't get greedy).

We Use Coupons:  This one is a little different, as the deals are found through thier forum and not through the blog.  This is actually a great couponing community, but finding the match ups can be a little more confusing until you get the hang of what you are looking for and how to use coupon databases (that is another topic).  The site does make it super easy to find the coupon match ups, if you look to the right of the main page you will find a link to just about any store you can think of that you would take coupons too.  Click on that link and it will take you to the forums specific to that store.  The Coupon Match Ups for that store are fairly easy to find, in the fact that they are flagged by a red white and blue button that says 'Coupon Match Up'  once you click on the forum message you will see a format that is very similar to what you would find mentioned at the above two sites.

Other Mega Sites:
This was orginally posted 10/4/11 on an older blog of mine.  Reposting with minor edits. (Previous blog was taken down)

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