Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday is DEAL DAY & Freebies too!

I have looked all around and found the following deals.  I think these are GREAT deals - a lot of which I will be taking advantage of myself (provided it is offered in my area, hehe) You may have seen, or will see, some of the deals on my site in other places. As long as these deals are that good I will keep them posted on my site - so you might see some duplicates next week! :-) Enjoy!  If you have a baby - make sure you check out all of the free goodies!

Since a lot of the outfits here are under $10 - this is a GREAT deal! Today is the LAST DAY for this promotion - so don't hesitate!
Disclosure:   I do recieve a small compensation if you purchase something after following on of these links.  However, I would not have posted it if I did not think it was a great deal :-D


  1. What a fun blog you have :-)
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    1. Thanks so much for visiting back! I see where you are now a member of my GFC followers, and also deleted your comment - so I am assuming all is fixed in that respect now? :-) Thank you!

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  3. thanks for your twitter advise :)