Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Memories

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The above video is

  1. From an account I no longer use because Google log ins now work with YouTube, my active account is found here.
  2. Is from Easter morning when my daughter was ... 4? I think.  She looks and sounds 4 there :-)  She is now 8.
One tradition, besides the baskets, that we have in our home is that the Easter bunny hides 12-24 candy filled plastic eggs around the house for my daughter.  This tradition started the year after this video was taken - and I haven't had an opportunity to film the hunt yet because she normally finds all of the eggs and has them half eaten by the time I get up.  We do continue the tradition of more toys in the basket than candy, as she gets enough from the hidden eggs :-).  She gets so excited about it as we get closer to the holiday that she now holds 'mock' easter egg hunts prior to the main event. :-)  (See my Instagram for the hunt she did this year for her daddy)

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  1. I love that the watergun is the first thing she noticed. Hi, new follower on GFC. Please consider following me. Free Ebook Search for Seniors

    1. Thank you so much for the visit. The story behind the water gun (and the reason the Easter Bunny brought that basket) is because her cousins had water guns, and she always had to borrow them - this time she got one of her own :-) I think my favorite moment in that video was when she told me, "You can have it!"

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    1. Thank you so much for the visit. I wandered over to your little place on the 'net and got you followed back. :-)