Wednesday, March 13, 2013

$10 or 30% off ... in some cases you just pay shipping! *ends soon*


So  I was looking for deals to post in my 'Friday is DEAL DAY' post (yes, I think that far ahead - at least I try to) and I came across this GEM of a deal, but it ENDS Friday so I wanted to put a special post up so you had more time.  Here are some things I fell in love with in regards to the deal and this company:

  • This is on line consignment shopping!  Something I thought was only available locally - not anymore! Move over Once Upon A Child, and Kid 2 Kid!  (OK, they don't deal in items, but I think logistically I think that would be more difficult)
  • If something still has the tags on it - they notate it clearly, with NWT
  • This site isn't just for babies and toddlers!  If they have had the item sent to them, then it is up there - all the way through big girl sizes!  (I am so excited - I have an exceptionally tall 8 year old needs some size 10-12 stuff for the summer)
  • You can sell your like new items.  So the stuff with wear - still donate that - but if you have a fancy you got for Christmas and never used because Grandma went on a shopping spree to make sure all of her babies were coordinated (oh yeah, I have been there!) then you can sell it here.  Or save it for dress up play - it is up to you. :-)  At least you have more options.
  • Most of these deal (except for the super fancy NWT dresses, and some of the older girl stuff) is under $10!!!  So if you use that code (and no you can't use both) you may just end up paying shipping.  WOW - can't beat that!
Yup! I saw some boy clothes .. nope, I am not certain the codes will work with them, but it wouldn't hurt to check it out.  Even if you can't take advantage of the deal, this site has a lot to offer and is still growing - check them out at the least and see if it is worth bookmarking for you and yours.

Disclosure:  I do receive a small compensation if you purchase something after clicking on one of the banners above.  Don't let that stop ya!  This really is an amazing deal.

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